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Men’s Club – Cookout Event

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“…All I can say is the cookout was GREAT!!…”

75 registrants for the first big event for the Men’s Club.

But the event would not have been a success without people helping to put the show together. Because we didn’t have an usher handing out printed programs crediting those people:

Those who pitched in:

  • Barbara Hutkin ————-> Travelling to far-away lands up north and bringing back our hamburger patties.

  • Mike Hutkin ——————> Grill-Master.

  • Rachael Neel —————> Prep work getting things sliced and diced for cookout, working a belligerent can opener.

  • Adam Sarbin —————-> Grill-Master.

  • Rabbi Werbin ————–> Getting the hot dogs, and preparing the roasted ears of corn, and onion and potato wraps.

  • Al Shreeman —————-> For keeping up with attendance and any follow-up work at cookout.

  • Dan Cohen —————-> Providing some of the games and equipment for the kids.

  • Gary Karesh —————-> His hidden talent at wielding a knife to prep the watermelons.

  • Joe and Carol Yosafat —-> For use of their truck to transport the food stuffs to cookout site.

  • Penny Siegel —————-> Use of coolers for ice and drinks.

And a BIG SERIOUS THANK YOU to Wanda and her husband for collecting and returning the grills, and providing transport for the food stuffs. Wanda and husband were our guests, but the amount of time she put into volunteering her help went way beyond a hamburger and hot dog. I truly take my hat off to her and hers for their help.
Please take a moment and thank these folks for their help next time you see them.
Our corporate help came from Frito-Lay, Arnold Bread Company and Krogers. They all donated or gave serious reductions in prices.
In closing…it was great!!. It was huge seeing all the kids playing and our congregants having an opportunity to socialize in a pleasant setting.
And just for the record…… I am still batting 100% on never having an event rained out!! Those that didn’t come, missed out.
Always next time……

Nat Levin

2 thoughts on “Men’s Club – Cookout Event

  1. The June 2nd cookout was once again a very pleasant experience. Roz. Darwin and I had a super time and made a new friend too! Let’s keep doing these, OK?

  2. My family had such a wonderful time at the Men’s Club picnic last week ! We saw old friends, made some new ones, and showed-off the kids- Grace (8) and Darwin (14 months). It was such fun, we’d like to do it every month !!

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