Winter 2012

Dear Fellow Members of the Roanoke Jewish Community,

2012 marks the 20th year of The Jacob and Celia Brenner Memorial Scholarship Award. Honoring our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, Jacob and Celia Brenner, this award is continuing testimony to their love and concern for Jewish youth in Roanoke, and to their strong belief in education. Mrs. Esther Brenner Blank, in memory of her parents, established the Jacob and Celia Brenner Memorial Fund in January of 1973.

This award is a $3,000.00 scholarship to the recipient’s college, in order to help him or her complete an undergraduate education. This award, befitting the beliefs of Jacob and Celia Brenner, is based solely on academic excellence, Judaic involvement and involvement in the community at large.

This scholarship is available to local Jewish youths whose parents are members in good standing of either Temple Emanuel or Beth Israel Synagogue.  A Review Committee whose current members include Bruce and Joan Brenner, Terry and Laura Brenner, Suzi Fink, Barbara Hutkin, Karen Shreeman, Lori Strauss and Judge Philip Trompeter choose the recipient, according to published criteria. If your child is eligible this year, we very much hope that you will encourage him or her to apply for this award.  Likewise, we hope that your eligible offspring will apply in future years. As the scholarship fund continues to grow, the amount of the stipend will be increased.

We look forward to hearing from your children.  Please feel free to address any questions to Mrs. Laura Brenner.

Very sincerely yours.

The Brenner Families

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