Jewish Community Preschool

Eighteen ways to build a better world (Tikkun Olam)

By Rabbi Fabian Werbin

  1. Recycle whatever you can. Products that are not biodegradable are not Kosher.
  2. Participate in Ecumenist activities.
  3. Respect the environment. All that you give to the Earth, will come back to you.
  4. Ride a bike or walk as much as you can. Avoid using your car for short distances.
  5. Always think you have to be a better person than your neighbor, say sorry, and accept your mistakes.
  6. Pray for peace. Peace is a big word but you can perform small acts to bring peace to this world.
  7. Donate what you don’t use. There are so many needy people; you can help them to feel better and, at the same time, need less for yourself.
  8. Don’t honk your horn. It won’t make the other cars move faster.
  9. Help to preserve one of the endangered animal species.
  10. Plant at least one tree per year.
  11. Do not waste water. Your small contribution will help to save many gallons of water.
  12. Help those who have problems learning. Volunteer in a school to help children with difficulties. You will find this is the best time you’ve ever invested.
  13. Don’t waste food. There are many hungry people.
  14. Give as much hugs, smiles and kisses as you can.
  15. Use light bulbs that waste less energy. We all have to cooperate with efforts to decrease global warming.
  16. Keep your city clean. Do not throw trash in the streets.
  17. Donate money to plant trees in Israel. –> Visit this site:
  18. Always be positive. We can build a better world!!!!

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