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Our Services

Education is a priority and an obligation for our community, and our professional staff are highly trained educators with advanced pedagogical skills and a passion for Jewish learning. Led by Rabbi Dr. Jama Purser and Director of Education Jaymes Inman, our talented staff of teachers, madrikhim, and volunteers work throughout the year tutoring Hebrew to adults and children, preparing Bnai Mitzvah students, preparing holiday programs, and organizing adult education events. We believe everyone in our community has an obligation to learn and to teach. For more information about our current schedule of events please contact the office.


Adult Education

We offer regular classes on Torah, Chevruta Talmud study, Adult Hebrew, Tanakh, Jewish Spirituality, Introduction to Judaism, Special Holiday teachings, invited guest speakers, and musicial entertainers. Please contact the office to RSVP or request a schedule of educational events.

P: (540) 343 - 0289


Religious School

Our religious education begins at age 5 where children are introduced to basic concepts in Judaism and runs all the way through Bnai Mitzvah. Post-B'nai Mitzvah teens are invited to be Madrichim and promoted to teacher if they show ongoing interest and skills. For more information or to signup please contact Education Director Jaymes Inman  

P: (540) 343-0289


Hebrew School

Our Hebrew language education begins at age 5 and is a unique blend of in-person and online self-paced learning. We focus on letter recognition and knowledge, reading skills, grammar retention, Biblical Hebrew, and some basic Modern Hebrew. For more information or to signup please contact Education Director Jaymes Inman  

P: (540 343 - 0289



Beth Israel in partnership with Temple Emanuel offers a joint pre-school program open to ages 2 - 5. For more information about the program please contact our office.

P: (540) 343 - 0289


What Our Members Say


Lauren Foster

" I love that when you walk into Beth Israel everyone is your friend; we are all there to support and encourage each another."
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